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About ME


Chardonnay Kelly


Others have described me as organized, calm under pressure, creative and cooperative. My goal in founding Chardonnay Events was to create a career I’m passionate about and that allows me to help others.


Each and every day I’m thankful for this opportunity to live my dreams – it’s an honor to be so intimately involved in the best day of someone’s life! Since 2019, I have been working with couples to bring their wedding vision to life in a seamless and stress-free manner.


Prior to getting my start in the wedding industry, my background was in marketing and public relations. I worked in-house for a public agency as well as for a private PR firm, and my favorite part of the job was always planning and staffing special events! I had the opportunity to organize a wide variety of occasions, from festivals to fundraisers.


On a personal level, I am a wife and mother of two. My favorite things include cooking, yoga, hiking (most often at the American River), Bravo TV, planning and organization of all types, and going on adventures with my husband and daughters.


I am a habitual list-maker and am always planning our next vacation or home project. You’ll never catch me without a daily to-do list, a comfy pair of leggings and at least one lip balm!

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